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OPACI-COAT-300® Primary White Spandrel on PPG Starphire® Is The Best White In The Glass Industry

Hands down, the best. Historically, clear glass has been the clearest glass product on the market. Today, we know that iron (Fe) in glass formulations

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The Versatility of OPACI-COAT-300, Silicone Glass Coating

Sometimes I think it’s important to remind the members of our industry (and the non-members) of the versatility of OPACI-COAT-300®. Let me explain…

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Steve O’Hollaren Comments on ICD’s New AquaVue Glass Coating

In spite of the current economic conditions, the glass industry is witnessing an unparalleled surge in the popularity of decorative glass.   The choices for

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ICD Spandrel Used on Award Winning Cyan Apartment Building; Portland, Oregon

Right in our backyard, finally, another building using ICD’s products wins a green award. Winner of the USGlass Magazine Green Design Awards; this beautiful building is full of green design.

Tomek Wierzchowski of ICD to Talk At GPD Brazil; Silicone Spandrel

May 2010, Tomek Wierzchowski of ICD High Performance coatings will be presenting an interesting paper on “100% silicone based spandrel and decorative coatings”.

OPACI-COAT-500® Passes Full Range of Testing Under GANA 89-1-6(2008)

Important news that I neglected to report on, this occurred back in December 2009. OPACI-COAT-500® was subjected to testing under the Glass Association of North America 89-1-6(2008) Specification for Environmental Durability of Heat Treated Spandrel Glass with Applied Opacifiers.

All colors submitted passed all sections without issue. Contact ICD for a copy of the full report.

Delay New Lead Paint Rules By EPA? Why?

Found this link today via Twitter:; it’s a call by the Window & Door Dealers Alliance to contact your congressman about delaying new April 22nd rules on lead in paint. Why do this is my question?

Silicone spandrel and frit spandrel are the same thing right? Part III “Spandrel In a Vision Area”

Same use but vastly different in not only application but composition, meaning many energy saving and environmental benefits.

OPACI-COAT Vs. Ceramic Enamel

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