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Faces of SteveO-4

SteveO’s Favorite OPACI-COAT Colors

Looking into the psyche of SteveO (Steve O’Hollaren), our Chief Evangelist and head of our Architect Program, is not surprisingly full of color. If you

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5 Tips For Outstanding Customer Service

Customer service is simple if you think about it. It’s just how you would like to be treated. So why don’t most companies have good customer service?

Intro to Decorative Glazing @ NeoCon – Presented by Steve O’Hollaren

NeoCon in Chicago, June 13 – 15th. Steve O’Hollaren will be presenting the Introduction to Decorative Glazing AIA-accredited presentation at the event.

A Pride Fable*: “Hey, I Sold That Glass…”

New blogger to ICD High Performance Coatings, Steve O’Hollaren, presents us with a fable on having pride in one’s work.

Blog Changes, Adding New Contributor, Steve O’Hollaren

New changes @ ICD’s Blog, we are adding new contributor, Steve O’Hollaren.

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