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Video: OPACI-COAT-500 Silicone Spandrel in 4-Sided Structural Glazing Test

OPACI-COAT-500 passed structural glazing testing so well, they eventually had to shoot the glass with a shotgun to get it to break. Nice!

OPACI-COAT-500® Granted Suitable Structural Glazing Substrate by Dow Corning

After this epic test and post: “OPACI-COAT-500® Passes Extensive 4-Sided Structural Glazing Testing” Dow Corning issued a letter to ICD on the suitability of OPACI-COAT-500® as a substrate for 4-sided structurally glazed glass applications.

OPACI-COAT-500® Passes Extensive 4-Sided Structural Glazing Testing

In a joint project with Dow Corning, our OPACI-COAT-500® was put against the ropes in a very tough round of 4-Sided Structural Glazing tests.

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