Who can apply TextraCoat™? 

Glass fabricators with adequate equipment!
See handling guide below.

Where does TextraCoat™ look its best? 

Shower enclosures, bathroom windows, glass wall partitions, cabinetry, entryway door surrounds, medical offices - anywhere you would normally install patterned glass for decoration, privacy or obscuration. 

The 'make it as you need it' solution for textured obscuration


Acrylic Silicone Hybrid Glass Coating 

  • Why purchase textured glass when you can apply texture to clear flat glass?

  • Increase production yield by applying texture coating after the cut/notch/temper process

  • Reduce overstock storage of patterned glass because TextraCoat is the 'make it as you need it' solution for translucent textured obscuration   

  • Screen print design options create "skies-the-limit" opportunities for Fabricators and Interior Designers alike

  • Cure: Low temperature IR oven

Technical Information

TextraCoat™ is a two-component, acrylic/silicone hybrid coating designed for screen print application on glass substrates. Developed to mimic textured/patterned glass. Limited only to screen pattern availability and imagination. Coating can be tinted to match any color by using the best automotive grade pigments, without heavy metals, that show the best weather, chemical, and stain resistance. Fully cured, TextraCoat™ has chemical resistance to common household cleaners and withstands regular cleaning.


For installation, we recommend neutral cure silicones as adhesives (Momentive, Dow Corning, Tremco, etc). Please consult ICD for construction and glazing tips as well as product compatibility. This product is not approved for use in the architectural glass spandrel cavity.

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