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Attend a Contractor Road Show


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Attend or host one of our contractor seminars! We work with our fabricators to bring in their customers, both glazers and architects alike, for a quick seminar on key glazing practices for greater success around spandrel coatings and our OPACI-COAT-300.

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Spandrel & Interior Metallic Glass

ICD Metallic Spandrel Example



Come see the amazing design possibilities with ICD’s OPACI-COAT-300 Two-Coat Metallics. Why should your car have all the fun? From spandrel to interior glass, get the depth of metallic look your glass deserves. Limited Fabricators, contact us for specs and fabricator list.    
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Surface 2 & 4 Windshield Obscuration Ink

auto glass windshield ICD CeramiGlass



CeramiGlass for Automotive obscuration and appliance glass. 100% opaque inks for surface 2 and 4. Eliminates defects in bending process and removes the need for a flash oven. From printing to bending and processing. No optical burn line, allowing for defect free windshields and sidetes. For use in all transportation; auto, train, and truck.
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Get The Right Color

thumbnailOne of the things we pride ourselves on is color. We pick automotive grade pigments and put them through a series of tough tests before we use them in our paints. As well, we value that color so much, we ensure batch color consistency as well as our match to your desire is far better than industry standard.

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Spandrel Certification Program


Becoming an Approved Factory Fabricator (AFF) is a process that allows both you and ICD to assure quality and consistency in our coated glass products. As a design professional, you can rest assured that fabricators approved to use our products are trained and educated. Quality through the supply chain in our commitment.  
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PPG Alliance

ICD PPG Alliance Partners

ICD’s products are used on any glass substrate on the market, however, none is as stunning to use as crystal clear Starphire by PPG. ICD is proud to be a marketing partner with PPG on their Starphire product. To read more about the partnership and/or see colors we have picked to harmonize with PPG glass, click the link below.
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Green Solutions

One of ICD’s core values is to create, not only a safe and clean place for employees to work, but products that add value to Green & Sustainable Building Practices.  Our products are low VOC or NO VOC and contain no heavy metals or anything toxic or harmful.  We believe at our core in contributing to the health of our planet as opposed to harming it. 
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ICD & Philanthropy

Two of our core values are to help in the growth of our employees and to help further the community we live and work in. We do this with several programs, from volunteering as a team to scholarships in chemistry. To read more of what we do or how you can take advantage of our scholastic endowments, click the box below.
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What Makes ICD So Great?

Well, of course, we think we are great and we want you to think that as well. At our core we work hard at:

  • Being a solution provider.
  • Unrivaled customer service
  • Fastest industry lead-times
  • Quality & consistency
  • Depth of industry knowledge and leadership.

Project Support

To create new things, make quality product and watch our employees grow.
To exceed the expectations of our customers, employees and shareholders through creative innovations.
  • IntegrityWe will always do the right thing even when no one is looking. 
  • Solutions ProviderCreative problem solving is our passion. We love to help customers be successful.
  • Continuous ImprovementWe strive to be better than the day before in everything we do, especially product development and employee growth.
  • Customer SatisfactionCustomers are our sole reason for our existence.
  • ResponsibilityWe have an obligation to the betterment of our environment and community.
  • QualityResonates in our product, in our people and our attitude.
  • CuriosityIt drives our advancement and allows us to do things other can not. 
  • ProfitabilityWe seek to utilize everything above to promote sustained growth and a bottom line return to our shareholders.


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Contractor Road Show

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