Who can apply AquaVue™? 

  • Glass fabricators

  • Paint job shops

  • Anyone with adequate equipment!

Silicone Polyurethane Hybrid Glass Coating

In the world of glass coatings, there are organic coatings, and there is AquaVue™. We took an already high performing polyurethane and attached a silicone to the backbone to get much higher weather-ability and adhesion to glass. Many have asked, why use some beefed up polymers for an interior organic coating? Simple, we build them to last. In the construction environment, there may be combinations of various adhesives, sealants, gaskets, and other materials, all conspiring to damage or change the color of your glass coating. With automotive grade pigments and high performing polymers, we ensure hardness, solvent residence, and color fastness.

Our colors pop when used with Starphire Ultra-Clear™ glass. For clearer glass to get the color you want, see what Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG flat glass) has to offer.

While ICD products can be applied to any glass type, ICD samples are furnished on Vitro Architectural Glass's clear glass, tinted and Starphire Ultra-Clear glass products, unless another type or producer is requested.

Technical Information

AquaVue™ is a two-component, low VOC, water-based ambient, and oven cure coating for glass. Developed for spray and roller coater applications, and easy to clean up with water. Available in primary colors that we can color match with the industry's tightest color and batch-to-batch standards. You can buy the primary colors and mix your own as well, eliminating our short, several day turnaround on matches. We use the best automotive grade pigments, without heavy metals, that show the best weather, chemical, and stain resistance.

This product forms a hard, durable coating and is resistant to cleaning chemicals. Areas of application include wall-cladding, backsplashes, glass lamination, signage, partitions, pattern glass, and furnishings. It can be applied to many glass types (including metals) like annealed, tempered, reflective, and high performance glass.

For installation, we recommend neutral cure silicones as adhesives (Momentive, Dow Corning, Tremco, etc). Due to the abrasive nature of thin sets and other tile adhesives, we do not recommend using these products. Please consult ICD for construction and glazing tips as well as product compatibility. This product is not approved for use in the architectural glass spandrel cavity. Please consult the Glass Association of North America or your local codes for the proper way to support glass coated with AquaVue™ in wall-cladding and other large installations.