Green Solutions

One of ICD’s core values is to create, not only a safe and clean place for employees to work, but products that add value to Green & Sustainable Building Practices.  Our products are low VOC or NO VOC and contain no heavy metals or anything toxic or harmful.  We believe, at our core, in contributing to the health of our planet as opposed to harming it. 

Sustainability is an ongoing process for many industries. Sustainability includes making decisions across all operations of a business and improving our impact on the earth as well as its people. ICD tracks and makes decisions in how it operates and improves sustainability on a daily basis. Not only is our goal to create products that help a building reach sustainability, our goal is to constantly improve how we make those products and get them to the job-site in an ever-improving, sustainable way.

Internally, here are the areas we track so as to make better decisions:

  • Suppliers with Health Product Declaration information or sustainability practices.
  • Distances & Methods of incoming materials for resource usage and contribution to greenhouse gasses.
  • Electrical & Water usage for improvement on equipment efficiency.
  • Waste & Hazardous waste stream disposal methods to ensure waste is handled properly and seek recycling opportunities.
  • Impact of our products on sustainable areas such as waste, ozone depletion, carbon footprint, and resource scarcity, so we can make better products.
  • Research into better chemistry to remove unsustainable processes or hazardous components.
  • REACH and other global reporting and legislative efforts.

These are just a few areas in which we ensure that, not only are we doing the right thing because it's right,

we are doing the right thing because it's what we want to do.