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As Fabricators in the ICD Approved Factory Fabricator Program (AFF), you are a part of a team of companies that are committed to quality and service.  Every architect and designer will know that you have the same values as ICD does when creating coatings with quality and high performance.  From marketing help to certification and education on applying ICD’s coatings, being a part of the family far reaching and more than just purchasing product.

Maybe you are new to this site and ICD and want to know further what it means to be in the ICD Family of Fabricators?

Check out this page on “How to Become a Fabricator of ICD Coatings“.

Want to know more about silicone, click on this link about the “Top 10 Silicone Coating Questions“.

Product Specifications can be found by clicking this link.

*Please note that more Technical Information can be found in the Technical Manual issued to you upon your first certification into the ICD Family of Fabricators.

Need more information on LEED™ and Sustainable Green Building with our coatings, visit this page.

If you are not a member of the Glass Association of North America (GANA), please take a look at this page and consider how being a member of GANA could greatly help your business.

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