CeramiGlass™ is a revolutionary advancement in hard, inorganic coatings for glass. 

CeramiGlass™ glass coating is as hard as ceramic enamel
but it isn’t frit. Excellent for use on architectural, automotive, appliance and furniture glass.


CeramiGlass™ can be printed with the same fine detail as ceramic enamel, but uses a much lower (345ºC) pre-cure temperature and cures in less time than ceramic enamel, meaning less energy cost and less time overall. Unlike ceramic enamel, there are no organic polymers or solvents used which prevents the “haze” effect left behind from improperly pre-cured ceramic enamel. The green strength of CeramiGlass™ is much greater when compared to ceramic enamel, which means no defects will develop during the bending process and no ink transfer will appear on the second lite.”

CeramiGlass™ is a revolution in glass coating technology. Not only can it solve some of the big issues with auto glass, the coating and its dual-cure nature also has some interesting possibilities for the architectural glass world. Large stock sheets of glass can be coated with dots, lines, (any pattern) or even solid flood coats, then cured and placed in storage. While cured at the lower temperature range, the CeramiGlass™ coating is considered cured and will pass any architectural test the coating could be subjected to for interior architectural glass use. That stock sheet can then be cut, notched, drilled, and worked prior to being placed into a tempering oven. The result is a printed glass product very similar to ceramic enamel and with equal performance.”

- Excerpts from CeramiGlass™ Auto Glass Decoration on S2 & S3: Solutions to Common Obscuration Band Problems Read Paper - Click Here


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