Architectural glass is one of the most versatile building products used in residential and commercial projects alike. For over thirty years, ICD has provided the architectural glass community with coatings that not only replace hazardous products on the market, but provide wide color options, ease of use, and performance needed on what will be a long standing project.

See What Our Products Can Do...

OPACI-COAT-300® is now listed in the Mindful Materials library. Where you can view it's Health Product Declaration & LEED V.4 documents. HPD & LEED documents also available via this link. 


Our colors pop when used with Starphire Ultra-Clear™ glass. For clearer glass to get the color you want, see what PPG has to offer. 

While ICD products can be applied to any glass type, ICD samples are furnished on Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG flat glass)'s clear glass, tinted and Starphire™ Ultra-Clear glass products, unless another type or producer is requested.

Specifications & Design Information - Everything you need to properly specify our products for various applications on your project.

Spandrel - Wall-Cladding - Backsplashes - Screen Print Dots/Lines ... and much more!!

Samples - Order samples on the glass of your choice with the coating color you want. We also offer Architect boxes that show a small set of what is possible as well as a range of standard industry colors. 

Contact Us - Have a question about our products or how to specify it? Call one one of our Architectural Specialists! Need a list of glass fabricators who apply our coatings? We have that!

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