Becoming a AFF is a process that allows both you and ICD to assure quality and consistency in our coated glass products.

1. What is required to become an AFF?

  • Tempering oven & glass washing machine

  • Mechanical glass washing but not a tempering oven (separate minimum requirements).

  • Talk to us about your equipment, you may have everything you need.

2. What application equipment do I need?

  • Automatic or manual spray system.

  • Roller coater

  • Curtain coater

3. What is the next step?

  • Talk with our Technical Service staff about your equipment. | 1-360-546-2286

  • You will receive a startup packet.

  • Schedule your startup certification visit

  • Welcome to the network of AFF's


Calling Not Your Style? Drop Our Tech Service Staff a Note on Becoming an AFF

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