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OPACI-COAT-300® Contractor Manual

This is a guide to using glass coated with OPACI-COAT-300®. It is based on 30 years of experience, not only in chemistry, but in being leaders in the glass and glazing industry.

OPACI-COAT-300® wall cladding installation guide

This gives a brief overview of the issues that should be considered when installing coated glass and wall cladding. It identifies good detailing and installation practices. 

Contractor Technical Bulletins

Over the years we have written and collected a great library of key information and instructions for ensuring success for glazing contractors. We are in the process of updating them. 

Current Compatible Material Lists

ICD is constantly testing new materials and offers a free compatibility testing program. Please contact Technical Service for more information. A current list of common compatible components can be attained by clicking the button below. This not an exhaustive list, please call if a material is not listed. Please note, a component residing on this list has been tested for compatibility with our product and not in conjunction with a combination of other products. Please seek testing from other suppliers.