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ICD produces quick videos for Glass Fabricators to accelerate their onboarding process. This AquaVue® KV-630 Additive video describes how to accurately measure and incorporate the activation component of the AquaVue® glass coating.

AquaVue® coating requires the use of an adhesion promoter additive. The additive is included with each shipment. There will be exactly enough additive included to activate the entire bucket of coating. If you wish to use all the material in the bucket at one time, then slowly add the entire bottle of KV-630 while the base material is mixing.

If you wish to activate smaller amounts of AquaVue® at a time, the total amount of additive needed can be easily calculated. Place an empty mixing container on a scale and tare the scale out so that it reads zero.

Pour the desired amount of AquaVue® you wish to activate into the mixing container. Be sure to make note of the final weight of the coating.

In this example, we have poured 10 pounds of liquid into a bucket. The ratio of KV-630 is 1% by weight of bast material. Calculate 1% of 10 pounds to determine the amount of additive needed.

10 x 1% = 0.1

0.1 pounds of KV-630 will need to be added to activate the 10 pounds of AquaVue®.

In a small separate container, weigh up 1% of additive by the base weight of the AquaVue® coating.

(0.1 pounds)

When the KV-630 has been weighed out, slowly add it to the base material which it is mixing. Mix for 15 minutes after it has been added.

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ICD is dedicated to sustainability and the health of our planet.

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ICD is dedicated to sustainability and the health of our planet.