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Transform Glass Fabrication with Leading-Edge Coatings

Elevate your glass fabrication projects with our top-tier coatings. They provide durability and versatility, enhancing the functionality, performance, and aesthetics of your glass products.

What is an Approved Factory Fabricators (AFF)?

Approved Factory Fabricators (AFF’s) are the glass processing companies who make beautiful backpainted glass products like spandrel and wall cladding with OPACI-COAT-300® water-based silicone glass coating. AFF’s stretch across the globe creating a large sourcing network for anyone looking to purchase OPACI-COAT-300® coated glass. Each AFF is certified yearly to ensure year-over-year consistency in material handling, application, and their ability to produce excellent silicone coated glass.

How to become an AFF

Becoming an aff is a process that allows both you and ICD to assure quality and consistency in our coated glass products. As an Approved Factory Fabricator (AFF), you will gain access numerous exclusive resources including: technical documents, bulletins, guides, and how-to videos.You will also be included in our database of Approved Factory Fabricators which is used by our customers to locate vendors that provide your services.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Full-service Glass Fabrication Facilities (tempering oven & glass washing machine)
  2. Operate or willingness to acquire necessary application equipment
  3. Commitment to ongoing training and partnership with ICD

There are 3 options, or combination of options:

  1. Manual spray
  2. Roller coater
  3. Automatic spray

Connect with us to get the conversation started. You can call to talk with our Technical Service staff about your equipment 1-360-546-2286, or submit the form on this page and a Technical Service staff member will contact you. If all the pieces are aligned, you will receive a startup information then we schedule your startup certification visit

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ICD is dedicated to sustainability and the health of our planet.

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ICD is dedicated to sustainability and the health of our planet.