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ICD produces quick videos for Glass Fabricators to accelerate their onboarding process. This AquaVue® Mixing Overview video shows and describes how to appropriately mix the AquaVue® glass coating.

A dispersing or mixing blade must be used for the best dispersion. These mixing blades can be attached to a variable speed hand drill or a speed-controlled drill press.

Place the mixing blade 1-2 inches from the bottom of the bucket. Gently mix the AquaVue® at a speed similar to this video demonstration. Avoid fast or excessive mixing speeds to prevent any air entrapment.

While mixing AquaVue®, KV-630 additive must be added to activate it. Slowly add the additive while the base material is mixing. Mix for 15 minutes. AquaVue® has an 8 hour pot like after it had been activated.

Additionally, if you are using AquaVue® for spray application, you can add up to 25% water by weight of base material. This addition of water will help thin the material down for better performance out of the spray equipment. Mix an additional 5 minutes after adding water.

ICD formulates and manufactures water-based coatings, resins, and chemicals in the US Pacific Northwest. We believe the world is a better place when innovative, green, sustainable products are specified and utilized. To support this, we offer education that explores why product performance and material selection matter. We are seen as experts in silicone coating technology and provide sustainable solutions where none previously existed. Topics include ultra-low VOC’s, the difference between solvent-based and water-based formulations, how coatings can be developed for improved energy reduction in the fabrication process, how ideal performance characteristics are achieved and more. ICD High Performance Coatings and Chemistries - We develop products to solve problems for our planet with clean chemistry.

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ICD is dedicated to sustainability and the health of our planet.

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ICD is dedicated to sustainability and the health of our planet.