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Ideal for chemists seeking to enhance product performance, our coatings offer unique properties for a wide range of applications. PerformaSil® 100 Silicone Water-Based Elastomer (SWBE) provides superior application, clean-up, functionality, and a sustainability-factor the entire formulation and manufacturing pipeline benefits from, including: additive manufacturers, coating manufacturers, coating application contractors, end-users, and ultimately the environment. 

PerformaSil® 100 is perfect to be used as a co-resin or sole binder in the formulation of ambient-cure or bake architectural coatings like waterproofing, protective, anti-graffiti, elastomeric, air and weather barriers, paint, co-binder to increase weatherability and water resistance, and exterior coatings in harsh weather conditions. It exhibits excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates, such as masonry, glass, metal, wood, and textiles. PerformaSil™100 contains less than 25 g/L of VOC’s, is a clear film with 500% elongation and 500 PSI tensile strength, and the water-based feature makes application and cleanup easy. And PerformaSil® 100 SWBE Products Do Not Contain Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS).

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ICD is dedicated to sustainability and the health of our planet.

Discover the PerformaSil® product line of of Silicone Water-based Elastomer (SWBE) one-component latexes.

ICD is dedicated to sustainability and the health of our planet.