PerformaSil® 100

Silicone Water-Based Elastomer (SWBE)
Versatile and Eco-friendly Innovation for High-Demand Environments
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PerformaSil® 100 Frequently Asked Questions

PerformaSil® 100 is a one-component, water-based silicone elastomer (SWBE) designed to enhance coating properties. It's used as either a co-resin or sole binder in various architectural coatings applications, providing benefits like weatherability, water resistance, and adherence to a broad range of substrates.

Coating companies seeking product formulation improvements by utilizing silicone water-based elastomer (SWBE) latexes.

20kg Pails, 200kg Drums, 1000kg Totes.

PerformaSil® 100 SWBE offers numerous advantages, including high elongation and tensile strength, low VOC content, and excellent adhesion to surfaces like masonry, metal, wood, and textiles. It also enhances weather resistance, water repellency, and flexibility in coatings.

Yes, PerformaSil® 100 SWBE is a low-VOC, water-based product that does not contain Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), aligning with environmental safety and sustainability standards.

PerformaSil® 100 is used in a variety of applications such as waterproof coatings, protective coatings, anti-graffiti coatings, elastomeric coatings, air and weather barrier coatings, and exterior architectural coatings.

PerformaSil® 100 SWBE can be used alone or mixed with other resins due to its compatibility with most waterborne resin types. This makes it a flexible choice for formulating both ambient-cure and baked coatings​.

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ICD is dedicated to sustainability and the health of our planet.

Discover the PerformaSil® product line of Silicone Water-based Elastomer (SWBE) one-component latexes.

ICD is dedicated to sustainability and the health of our planet.