PerformaSil® 100

Silicone Water-Based Elastomer (SWBE)
Versatile and Eco-friendly Innovation for High-Demand Environments
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PerformaSil® 100 is a Silicone Water-Based Elastomer (SWBE)

PerformaSil® 100 leads the way in water-based silicone elastomer technology, offering unparalleled versatility for a variety of industrial applications. This waterborne latex is perfect for chemists and engineers looking to enhance the durability, flexibility, and water-resistance of their coatings. Whether it’s for protective, waterproof, or elastomeric coatings, PerformaSil® 100 provides the foundation for innovation.

Product Applications

A One-Component (1k) Silicone Latex Formulated To Improve Overall Formula Properties

PerformaSil® 100 Silicone Water-Based Elastomer (SWBE) provides superior application, clean-up, functionality, and a sustainability-factor the entire formulation and manufacturing pipeline benefits from, including: additive manufacturers, coating manufacturers, coating application contractors, end-users, and ultimately the environment.

Perfect to be used as a co-resin or sole binder in the formulation of ambient-cure or bake architectural coatings like waterproofing, protective, anti-graffiti, elastomeric, air and weather barriers, paint, co-binder to increase weather-ability and water resistance, and exterior coatings in harsh weather conditions. It exhibits excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates, such as masonry, glass, metal, wood, and textiles. PerformaSil™100 contains less than 25 g/L of VOC’s, is a clear film with 500% elongation and 500 PSI tensile strength, and the water-based feature makes application and cleanup easy.

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In accordance with the requirements set forth by the Build America, Buy America (BABA) Act, included within the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), we hereby certify and affirm our product, listed below, is manufactured in the United States and meets the criteria defined under the Build America, Buy America (BABA) Act:

PerformaSil® 100 Silicone Water-Based Elastomer is a polymer-based product entirely manufactured in Washington state and the production process is carried out by a skilled American workforce, adhering strictly to federal, state, and local laws, including labor and environmental standards.

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ICD is dedicated to sustainability and the health of our planet.

Discover the PerformaSil® product line of Silicone Water-based Elastomer (SWBE) one-component latexes.

ICD is dedicated to sustainability and the health of our planet.